Why Work With Us...

• Our business model allows you to cost effectively leverage experts in every element of meeting and event planning.
• We provide a full range of services from tactical logistics to strategic leadership of the entire event.
• You select the services you need to supplement your other resources.


You have a single point of contact – me.

I leverage my network of specialists based on the services you need.

Best Talent. Cost Effectively.



Options To Engage

Menu of Services


Marketing • Onsite Support • Printing • Project Planning • Production Management • Program Show Flow • Registration • Site Selection • Sponsorship Sales • Speaker Sourcing • SWAG Bags • Speaker Handling • Speech Writing • Speaker Coaching • Shaping Content/Agenda • Travel (air/ground/hotel) • Tradeshow/Exhibits • Audio/Visual Branding • Budget Management • Entertainment Sourcing • Event Evaluation • Food & Beverage • Graphic Design • Gifts/Giveaways • Hotel Contract Negotiation



What Makes Us Unique

• We focus on the results you need and develop a clear path to get there.
• We’re experts in every element of meeting and event planning.
• We immerse ourselves in your business so we can be a true partner and lighten your load.
• We identify unproductive expenses and re-allocate for real value – or save it for you.
• We spend your money like it’s our own.
• We take a “one size fits one” approach, never a “one size fits all” approach.


What Fans Say

“I have known and worked with Karen for over 25 years in two different companies and industries.  She excels at creating the climate for business leaders to communicate their unique vision, point of view or strategy to important constituents, whether at the board-level or at the farthest reach of the company’s global operations. Her people and project management skills yield meetings that are memorable and, importantly, aligned with the strategy of the business. She is trustworthy, gets results and communicates well in a team setting. If you become a client, the return on your meeting investment is about to accelerate.”

Steve K. Lumpkin

Board Member – Hodgdon Powder Company and Victorian Trading Company

Executive Mentor – Merryck and Co - Americas

Former CFO and board member of Applebee’s International Inc.

“When our marketing team was tasked with putting on a national pediatric genomic medicine conference,  we knew we needed help.  Our core competency is marketing, not meeting planning. So we called on the pros - Karen Lazowski and Clear Path Events.  They did what they do best so we could focus on what we do best.  It was a huge relief - and a huge success - to have Karen and her team take care of the conference management from start to finish.  Truly a win-win for everyone!”

Laurie Ellison

Chief Marketing Officer

“As CEO of a publicly traded company, it didn't take me long to learn that the difference between an A+ business meeting and a just an "OK" meeting has a significant impact on desired results and important relationships.  I was so fortunate and grateful to have Karen Lazowski on our team to deliver A+ results time and time again.  It didn't matter whether it was a board meeting for 12 people or a franchise convention for 1200, Karen's unique ability to think strategically, ask the right questions up front, her impressive attention to detail, and the manner in which she led execution always exceeded expectations.  And, at the same time, her humility and servant leadership are unparalleled.  In the restaurant business, franchisees expect and hold the franchisor to an extremely high standard and ours were no exception.  Having Karen as the "glue" for all of our events was the key to consistently exceeding expectations and building strong relationships with our franchisees, restaurant managers and company officers. I highly recommend Clear Path Events to you, knowing the talent and passion for excellence that Karen provides.”

Dave Goebel

Board Member - Children’s Mercy Kansas City and Jack In the Box/Qdoba

President, Santoku Restaurant Group

Executive Mentor, Merryck & Co. - Americas

Former CEO and Board Member, Applebee’s International, Inc.

“Karen is a top-notch experienced pro who’s extra special gifts include a fun, high-energy, collaborative personality; an endless creativity & possibilities mindset (even when the budget is tight); and an authentic flexibility/resiliency that is essential (yet rare) in this business. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Lou Kaucic

Board Member, Flynn Restaurant Group and TDn2K

Former Chief People Officer, Applebee’s International, Inc.